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Registered check-in time is required. Tickets are purchased when you arrive at your registered time. Tickets are non-refundable. 

Adventure COurse

Recommended Age 8+ 

*must meet minimum weight and height requirement

$32 Youth

Climbers under 60" but meet the requirements but must have an adult climber

$42 Adult

Climbers 60" or over climbing alone

 Little Explorer COurse

Recommended Age 2-7


* a 3% surcharge will also be charged for any card transaction 

we are proud to offer a Military and first responder discount! 

Come Prepared!

To ensure the fun and safety of everyone participating, please review the following requirements:

  •  A signed release form is required prior to participating on both courses.

  •  Participant must be 60” tall to participate alone or 48" tall and accompanied on the course at all times by someone who is at least 60" tall and 16 years old (recommended age is 8 years old on the Adventure Course).

  •  Participant maximum weight is 250 lbs. Minimum weight is 50 lbs. 

  •  Participant must safely fit in full body harness; confidential weigh-in may be required.

  •  Dresses and skirts are not allowed due to elevated course and full body harness.

  •  No flip-flops, open toe or open heel shoes are allowed. Ensure shoe laces are tied and shoes are secure.

  •  Participant must empty your pockets. 

  •  No loose objects such as cell phones or cameras are allowed.

  •  Please secure your eye-wear. We are not responsible for lost or misplaced personal items.

  •  No gum, food or drinks are allowed on the courses.

  • Last check in is 6 PM 

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For more details and questions Visit the
FAQ page

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