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Register for your spot to climb now!

Please excuse our mess! We are ALMOST ready to open the new building!

Tickets will currently be purchased next door at the Alpine Coaster.

 Stay tune for details of our new gift shop and cafe opening onsite!

Adventure Awaits!

Climb, swing and dangle in the treetops at Wilderness Run Adventure Course in Banner Elk.

Located beside Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster, the adventure course consists of ropes, logs and planks secured to and suspended from giant wooden tripods.


WRAC is a must for fun and adventure in the High Country! This multi-level elevated course features a series of activities designed to safely test your balance and climbing skills plus increase self-reliance.

The course features 28 obstacles with three levels of difficulty: easy, intermediate and hard.Activities include scrambling over cargo nets, scaling rock-climbing structures, and traversing swinging bridges and logs. Participants may advance to more difficult obstacles as they navigate the course, or stay on one level. At the highest point, approximately 40 feet above the ground, guests enjoy views from the crow’s nest and can hop in a swing to get the feeling of floating in midair.

A children’s course, recommended for ages 2 to 5, includes netted tubes, bridges and platforms.

Wilderness Run Adventure Course takes an hour and a half, and guests must register online for a check-in time. Height and weight restrictions apply. When visitors arrive, they receive a harness and helmet, and the adventure starts with 15-30 minutes of ground school instruction on technique and safety.

Wilderness Run Adventure Course is open seven days a week seasonally from April through October.


A registered check-in time is required to attend the Adventure Course. This is NOT a reservation but does guarantee you a time to arrive and begin the instructional portion of your visit.

*If visitors want to book an alpine coaster ride in conjunction with their adventure course session, the adventure course registration should be arranged first. 



*Hours are subjected to change due to weather. Check social media accounts, website or email prior to visit.

Opening May 18th

Monday:          11am-6pm

Tuesday:          11am-6pm

Wednesday:    11am-6pm

Thursday:        11am-6pm

Friday:             11am-6pm

Saturday:         10am-7pm

Sunday:           11am-6pm

Last check-in time is 1 hour before close

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